1. How can I register in the Driver’s Portal?

The Drivers Portal is a web application that allows you to use the service of charging electric cars with the use of chargers provided by PGEdoladujauto.pl.

You can use the lastest versions of the following browsers:

•            Chrome

•            Microsoft Edge

•            Safari (Mac)

•            Firefox.

On devices (phone or tablet) with the following operating system:

•            android – you can use the Chrome browser

•            iOS –Safari browser.

It is not possible. To charge your car, you must register an account in the Driver's Portal.

Yes. When registering a company account, select the "Are you a company?" check box in the registration form, and then complete the data.

2. How to use the Driver’s Portal?

In the Driver’s Portal you can:

• check your data,

• add payment/credit card details,

• search for the charging station you are interested in,

• check station availability,

• start and finish charging the car,

• check the charging history,

• check and download the documents confirming the use of our service,

• file a case/complaint.

In the Driver’s Portal select the Technical Assistance option. Then add your New Report. Complete the individual fields to describe the problem you encountered and send.

In the login window select the I forgot my password option. In the email you received, select send new password. You will then be able to create a new password.

3. How to charge my electric car’s battery?

• Having an active account on the Driver’s Portal,

• Completing payment card’s details that will be charged for the service,

• Connecting the car to the charging station.

Current information about charging stations can be found on the PGEdoladujauto.pl website in the "Location map" tab and in the Driver's Portal.You can check availability (including individual connectors) in our Driver’s Portal by clicking on the marker (pin) of the station you are interested in.

Most of our stations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stations located in closed areas, e.g. car parks of shopping centers, may be open at other times. Detailed information can be found in the "Stations’ map" tab and in the Driver's Portal by clicking on the selected station.

Most of our stations are located at public, free parking lots. In case of shopping malls, parking  fee may be charged. You will find information about this in the description of the station on the Driver's Portal and on the boards located at the entrance to the gallery.

At fast stations, in emergency situations threatening health or life, stop charging using the red emergency button! However, remember to use it only in exceptional situations! This button is not used to stop the charging process as standard.Slow stations are equipped with automatic protection against electric shock.

If you see a dangerous situation, immediately inform us by phone at +48 22 344 55 66

4. How can I protect my personal data?

More information on that issue can be found in our Privacy Policy.

More information on that issue can be found in our Privacy Policy.

More information on that issue can be found in our Privacy Policy.

5. How can I manage my payments?

Your payment card authorization data is stored by the Eservice payment system operator. PGE Nowa Energia Sp. z o.o. has no access to this data.

During the car charging process via the Driver’s Portal, you have the option of completing your card details once or saving them permanently.

You can pay for charging only with a payment card (with the option of making online payments). The card details are entered into the system before the charging process begins. The charging fee is automatically charged to your card:

  • Each time before the start of the charging process, the amount indicated in the answer to the next question is blocked on the card,
  • After charging is completed, the transaction is settled and unused funds are returned to the account.

Fast charging connectors (CHAdeMO oraz CCS) - the amount of blockades is PLN 200

Slow charging connector (Type 2) - the amount of blockade is PLN 100

After using the service in the Driver’s Portal (“Previous charging sessions” tab), you will be able to check the list (start and end time of recharging, amount of energy consumed).You will be able to download the appropriate document in PDF format from your account in the Driver's Portal (“Payment” tab):

  • If you are an individual customer, you will find confirmation of using the service on your account,
  • If you have registered a company account, an invoice will appear in your account.

You will also receive an e-mail from us confirming the use of the service.

The final fee for using the service always consists of the following elements:

  • Start of charging,
  • Number of kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity used to recharge the vehicle,
  • The minutes of recharging while the vehicle is connected to the charging station.

The current price list is posted on the website Documents.

The price list can also be downloaded as a PDF document on the website Documents.

6. How does the charging station work?

Fast stations are equipped with two connectors for DC charging CHAdeMO and CCS - and one connector for charging with alternating current (AC) Type 2.Note: only one DC connector can be used (CHAdeMO or CCS).Slow stations have two type 2 AC charging sockets or plugs.Details on the charging standards of the station you are interested in can be found on our website in the "Stations’ map" tab and in the Driver's Portal.

For DC connectors (CHAdeMO and CCS) the maximum charging power is up to 50 kW, while for AC Type 2 up to 22kW.

The maximum charging power depends on:

• connector type/charging type (DC direct current/AC alternating current),

• battery charge status (the higher, the lower the charging power),

• restrictions resulting from the technical capabilities of the car,

• ambient temperature (in the case of negative temperatures, the charging power is lower).

A maximum of 2 cars can be charged simultaneously at each of our stations.At a fast station - one car connected to the CHAdeMO or CCS (DC) connector and one connected to the Type 2 AC connector.At the AC station – two cars.What should I do if my plug does not match any cable in the charger?If the plug does not match any of the cables, you can use a special adapter. You can buy it in an authorized salon.

Pursuant to the Ordinance of the Minister of Energy of 26th of June 2019 on technical requirements for charging stations and charging points that are part of the charging infrastructure of public road transport "§ 10. The use of extension cables for the device during operation is not allowed". At all stations, you can use station cables or cables supplied ONLY by car manufacturers. The use of adapters is prohibited because it often causes technical problems resulting in the station being switched off.

Charging duration depends on many factors, i.e.:

• type of charging (DC or AC),

• battery capacity,

• battery charge status,

• ambient temperature.

It is therefore difficult to clearly determine the estimated charging time.In the Driver’s Portal, if you enter your departure time, you will receive information with the estimated range and amount of energy to be used.

The charging power may decrease (change) as the battery charge increases. If the battery level exceeds 80%, the rate and power of charging will most likely decrease.

Each User of our service can track information about the charging time and energy consumption at the Driver’s Portal (web application), as well as on the dashboard of their car.In addition, you can follow this information on the display of the station.

No, the plug will not disconnect by itself. You must finish charging yourself from the web application. Only then can you safely disconnect the car from the station before using the button on the remote control or in the car.

Yes, charging is possible even in adverse weather conditions. Our stations are equipped with a system of protection against external factors.

Yes - low and negative temperatures reduce the charging power.

7. How can I contact PGE Nowa Energia?

Our Support Department is at your disposal around the clock, 7 days a week at the phone number +48 22 344 55 66. You can also report a problem via the Client’s Portal (Web Application, "Technical Support" tab) or write us an email to info@pgedoladujauto.pl.  

You can report all damages, breakdowns or problems occurring during charging by the Driver’s Portal ("Technical Support" tab) or by phone (+48 22 344 55 66).

It is best to report the incident to the City Guard or the Police.Parking spaces at our charging stations are marked in accordance with applicable regulations (horizontal sign P-20 - envelope with the inscription EE and vertical sign D18a with an appropriate plate), and only electric vehicles can use them during charging.