Charging the car is only possible after logging in to the Driver's Portal.

Please register, put your card details before charging and follow the instructions.

How does it work?


Log in to the Driver’s Portal


Find a station on the map and check if it is available


Start charging the car

Offer for drivers

Max 50

Maximum power of 50 kW
Direct current (DC)
CSS or CHaDeMo

Energy: PLN 1.45 / kWh
Charging time:  PLN 0.07 / min

Max 30

Maximum power of 30 kW
Direct current (DC)
CCS lub CHaDeMo

Energy: PLN 1.38 / kWh
Charging time: PLN 0.05 / min

AC charging

Maximum power of 22 kW
Alternating current (AC)
Type 2

Energy: PLN 0.99 / kWh

We offer the opportunity to charge the battery of an electric or plug-in hybrid car using charging stations and Driver's Portal.

The final payment for using the service consists of all the elements listed above.

Frequently asked questions

The Drivers Portal is a web application that allows you to use the service of charging electric cars with the use of chargers provided by

You can use the lastest versions of the following browsers:

• Chrome

• Microsoft Edge

• Safari (Mac)

• Firefox.

On devices (phone or tablet) with the following operating system:

• android – you can use the Chrome browser

• iOS –Safari browser.

It is not possible. To charge your car, you must register an account in the Driver's Portal.

Yes. When registering a company account, select the "Are you a company?" check box in the registration form, and then complete the data.

You can pay for charging only with a payment card (with the option of making online payments). The card details are entered into the system before the charging process begins. The charging fee is automatically charged to your card:

  • Each time before the start of the charging process, the amount indicated in the answer to the next question is blocked on the card,
  • After charging is completed, the transaction is settled and unused funds are returned to the account.