How does the service work?


The most important steps in the Driver’s Portal

Starting charging:

  1. Enter the Driver’s Portal.
  2. Register/log in.
  3. Select the charging station on the map and the connector type.
  4. Start the charging session by clicking the "Start charging" button.
  5. Choose one of the payment cards you added previously or add a new one.
  6. Connect the connector to the car. If required, press the "Start" button on the station screen.
  7. Wait for communication between the car and the station to be established (this may take up to a minute).
  8. When charging begins, its progress can be monitored on the station screen or on the website (Driver's Portal).

Ending charging:

  1. End charging in the Driver’s Portal by clicking the “Stop charging” button or use appropriate button on the charging station’s screen.  
  2. You can also stop charging by pressing the appropriate button on your car or remote control.
  3. In case of problems with stopping charging, call the hotline +48 22 344 55 66.

Emergency charging stoppage:

  1. Press the red button built into the charging station.

Using the service requires

logging in to the Driver's Portal